Rod Gilbert’s children, an icon of the Rangers, fight with the stepmother over the will

This family confrontation becomes feisty. The two children of late New York Rangers icon Rod Gilbert are competing against their stepmother in Manhattan surrogate court, alleging that she manipulated the hockey legend on his deathbed into changing his will and disinheriting them. Chantal Payne, 47, and Justine Gilbert, 45, allege that Judith Gilbert, 76, paid … Read more

Get up, it’s Hate Week!

If you all enjoy my hate articles, please send a giant thank you letter to the University of Tennessee High School. I wasn’t planning on writing one this week. I try to save my “hate” articles for special occasions, and playing another corpse for a South Carolina team isn’t anything special. Tennessee’s refusal to cover … Read more

Top 3 picks for the Saturday menu

College football is in the last full week of its regular season, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore college hoops on Saturday. This is especially the case when there is a lot of value on the board. Our staff dives in and brings you three best bets for Saturday’s NCAAB roster. Best college basketball … Read more

England are being booed again but this was different from the night Rooney snapped

last time England were booed after A.J world Cup A group game, it was 2010 and we had just witnessed a performance so poor that a bird perched on the roof of the opposition net during the first half, convinced it had just found the safest place in Cape Town. On that occasion, a team … Read more

Tiger Woods’ $15 million bonus was a bargain – he owed way more than that.

The only thing that Guy Monahan and Charles Dickens have in common – other than their first appearance to an American audience in Boston – is that they each created a PIP that inspired great expectations among the lower orders. Dickens was “Pip” the protagonist of his 1861 masterpiece. Monahan is even more realistic: Player … Read more


Warnings were up in 2022 although there have been fewer stage end warnings and competition in any year since stage racing began. The third installment of 2022 by the Numbers focuses on causes (and causalers) of alerts. Warn I divide the alerts into those that are planned—such as competition and end-of-stage breaks—and so-called “normal” alerts. … Read more

Water chiefs blame UK government for failing to stop wastewater pollution | pollution

Newly revealed letters showed that water company chiefs blamed the British government’s inaction for the lack of progress in stopping sewage pollution. According to data from Environment AgencyOver the course of 2020 and 2021, sewage was dumped into seas and rivers around the UK more than 770,000 times – the equivalent of almost 6 million … Read more

Where is the International Space Station now? SpaceX launches supplies to the site from the Kennedy Space Center

Florida – CNN reports that SpaceX will attempt again to get a new batch of supplies to the International Space Station this weekend after bad weather at the launch site forced the company to scrap its first attempt. The mission is scheduled to lift off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 2:20 p.m. … Read more

Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder: “There are quite a few areas in which physics and religion overlap” | Physics

sAbine Hossenfelder is a German theoretical physicist who writes books and runs a YouTube channel (with 618,000 subscribers at the time of writing) called Science without Gobbledygook. Born in Frankfurt, she studied mathematics at Goethe University and continued to focus on particle physics – her PhD explored the possibility that the Large Hadron Collider could … Read more