Hook Entertainment has issued an official statement of apology over legal issues involving Lee Seung Gi

On November 25, Hook for entertainment He released an official statement of apology for the legal issues related to the singer/actor Ji Sung Lee. First, the management agency apologized to the public for causing a disruptive incident in the entertainment industry, and also extended an apology to Lee Seung Gi for the hardships he suffered. … Read more

Is PANTERA Rip Off EXHORDER? Kyle Thomas responds

In a new interview with heavy culturevocalist Kyle Thomas Pioneers of thrash metal in New Orleans EXHORDER Again on his band’s supposed influence on PanteraThe decision to move from a power metal action to a more aggressive form of thumping. He said (as he wrote it BLABBERMOUTH.NET):Pantera He had a twist. Early on, they were … Read more

Your family’s music according to your personal Hashkafos

Changing the tone of jewish music The way we listen to music has evolved over the years. What started as gramophones and jukeboxes turned into radios, jukeboxes, audio cassettes (don’t forget the eight-track!) Walkman. As technology has advanced, so has high-performance listening devices—from boomboxes, CD players, and Disc jockeys to MP3s and iPods, which have … Read more

Aladdin turns 30: Alan Menken is on the classic animated ride

CNN – It may be hard to believe, but this weekend marks 30 years since the release of “Aladdin” — the animated classic that paved the way for multiple sequels, a live-action reimagining released in 2019 and even a Broadway musical. To mark the occasion, the eight-time Academy Award-winning composer Alan Menckenwho picked up two … Read more

“I don’t know what America was thinking”

Bottom four contestants Eric Hu, Alyssa Witrado, Devix, and Kiki await their fates in the Top 13 results of the 22nd season of The Voice. (Image: NBC) brought tuesday the sound Shown are the top 13 results, which determined the top 10 finishers of the season. At the start of the evening, host Carson Daly … Read more

Last.fm is 20 years old and now has a following on Discord

This is Hot Pod, The Verge’s newsletter about podcasting and the audio industry. Register here for more. Thanksgiving is coming up, and I’ve already eaten half a bag of King’s Hawaiian rolls. I look forward to signing, seeing the family, and eating more bagels later this week. But for now: the podcast. Or music, actually … Read more