Voces Unidas Column: Protecting and expanding access to reproductive health care and abortion is critical to democracy

The Latino community knows firsthand what it means for the government to marginalize our needs when it comes to health care. We are the largest uninsured ethnic majority, and we are often the targets of misinformation and stigmatization when trying to access reproductive health care. This is why the Latino community wants to see more … Read more

A murder suspect in Poland has been denied long-term mental health care despite pleas

Justin Butterfield, 34, is accused of killing his brother, Gabe D’Amore, 38, on Thanksgiving morning in Poland, but Butterfield’s ex-girlfriend says the man who allegedly committed the crime is not the man she once knew. “I really don’t think Justin was responsible for this,” said Yaesha Proventure, Butterfield’s ex-girlfriend. “I know his body did it … Read more

Here’s exactly how much vitamin D is safe, as for a guy in the hospital with poisoning – don’t eat this

A man in the UK has been hospitalized after taking approx 400 times the recommended daily amount of vitamin d, which again highlights the serious danger of taking unsafe doses of over-the-counter vitamins and supplements. ‚ÄúVitamin D toxicity, also known as hypervitaminosis D, is a rare but serious condition that occurs when you have excessive … Read more

6 exercises you should do every day to fix your posture

Bad posture has become a common problem these days. Can It leads to lower back painNeck pain, shoulder pain, and in some cases, downtime too Blood circulationleading to other serious health conditions. There are many reasons for a bad attitude. Some of the main ones include – living a sedentary lifestyle, relaxing in a chair, … Read more

Exploring Energy Medicine: Healing Touch

By Kirsten Antony RN~ Mystics and healers have always recognized the interdependence and oneness of reality. This intertwining of all things is revealed through the science of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics reveals that what we see as reality is more mysterious and miraculous than anything we can imagine. Through our thoughts and intentions, we can … Read more

Oral health care needs our attention

Daily dental cleaning in Philippine schools, like this elementary school in Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental, was pioneered by the overseas-funded Fit for School project. Photo by Marit Stenos Capugon Today, November 28, 2022, the first session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee tasked with drafting a legally binding instrument on plastic pollution begins. While plastic pollution … Read more

1 in 8 adults experiences depression for the first time during the pandemic

One in eight elderly people in Canadaaccording to large-scale recent research involving more than 20,000 people who experienced their first depressive episode during the pandemic. The statistics were significantly worse for people who had previously suffered from depression. Nearly half of these residents (45 percent) reported having developed depression by the fall of 2020. An … Read more

Rising food prices can have negative long-term health effects on Canadians

Recently high food price inflation has hit many Canadian families, especially those on tight budgets. Statistics Canada reported in October In-store food prices rose faster than the consumer price index for all items for the eleventh consecutive month. The Nutrition Program for Ontario Studentswhich feeds 28,000 students in 93 participating schools, TAMM Badly affected by … Read more

The body in topography

In one of my first memories, I’m standing outside my brother’s bedroom. A firefighter is walking, stepping on my right foot with his heavy boot. I am five or six years old, and my brother is two or three. It might be summer, but I can’t be sure. The power has gone out in our … Read more