The body in topography

In one of my first memories, I’m standing outside my brother’s bedroom. A firefighter is walking, stepping on my right foot with his heavy boot. I am five or six years old, and my brother is two or three. It might be summer, but I can’t be sure. The power has gone out in our … Read more

The United States needs to start treating obesity like the disease that it is

What better time than in the middle of the holidays—peak consumption of calorie-dense cookies, cakes, pies, sweets, and pastries—to deliver a message of forgiveness to those of us who find it hard to hold ourselves back? A new view of obesity explains how it is not just gluttony and a hopeless lack of willpower, but … Read more

A new mobile app designed for a virtual veterinary practice

The Vetster for Veterinarians app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. A new mobile app from Vetster provides an alternative way for veterinary professionals to treat patients. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the Vetster for Veterinarians app is an extension of the company’s rapidly growing telehealth and pet care business and complements its … Read more

Despite the recent downturn of Beijing Tong Run Tang Ltd., Insiders still made around HK$26,000 after the purchase earlier this year.

Insiders who bought Beijing Tong Run Tang Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd (Hong Kong: 3613Stocks in the past 12 months are unlikely to be strongly affected by the stock’s 5.6% decline over the past week. Even after calculating the recent loss, the value of the HK$577K worth of shares bought is now equal to HK$603K or … Read more

Where governments fail is in women’s health

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Professor Sue Davis, AO, is a pioneer and leading expert on women’s health in Australia, which is why she has the letters after her name – she is an Officer of the Order of Australia, awarded last year. She has many accomplishments as an endocrinologist (hormonal medicine) and specializes in: menopause … Read more

Is SmPC still relevant in the digital age?

After the pandemic, we have had to rethink the way drug information is disseminated and consumed For many years, the SmPC (Summary of Product Characteristics) has been used as the regulatory approved document for medicinal product information for health care professionals (HCPs) on how to use medicines safely and effectively. But with so much information … Read more

Better diagnosis and reporting is required

MycosisAnd the Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever), W histoplasmosis It is the most common endemic fungal disease (mycosis) in North America. The authors of a Opinion article in Annals of Internal Medicine They argue that we need to improve the diagnosis and reporting of these infections to better serve patients and understand the scope of the problem. … Read more

Kizzi marks the beginning of a center of excellence for the future of medicine

An impressive crowd gathered at the Chiesi Pharmaceutical Group yesterday (November 21) to celebrate the commencement of the long-awaited work on the Center of Excellence for Biotechnology, bringing the future of medicine to Parma. Guests, including Italy’s Deputy Minister of Business and Industry, Valentino Valentini, were joined to celebrate the commencement of work on the … Read more

Waters was installed as the inaugural chair of Maternal-Fetal Medicine – UBMD Group of Physicians

Thaddeus b. Dean of the Jacobs College of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. published November 22, 2022 Story by Bill Broughton Represents ‘the brightest and most beautiful’ Ub head Satish K. Tripathi And the Allison Brashear, MD, MBABU, vice president of the University at Buffalo for Health Sciences and dean of the Jacobs School, presided over … Read more