A murder suspect in Poland has been denied long-term mental health care despite pleas

Justin Butterfield, 34, is accused of killing his brother, Gabe D’Amore, 38, on Thanksgiving morning in Poland, but Butterfield’s ex-girlfriend says the man who allegedly committed the crime is not the man she once knew. “I really don’t think Justin was responsible for this,” said Yaesha Proventure, Butterfield’s ex-girlfriend. “I know his body did it … Read more

1 in 8 adults experiences depression for the first time during the pandemic

One in eight elderly people in Canadaaccording to large-scale recent research involving more than 20,000 people who experienced their first depressive episode during the pandemic. The statistics were significantly worse for people who had previously suffered from depression. Nearly half of these residents (45 percent) reported having developed depression by the fall of 2020. An … Read more

Family and friends of a suspected Florida school intruder killed by police are calling for more mental health awareness

People close to Romaine Phelps gathered outside the Dreyfuss School of the Arts on Saturday to honor his memory and help destigmatize mental illness. The 33-year-old’s family says mental health issues played a direct role in what happened on May 13 at the Dreyfuss School of the Arts. Don’t miss anything: Sign up for personal … Read more

New longitudinal research sheds light on the severity of the effects of childhood trauma on anxiety and depression

Childhood trauma is known to have adverse effects on mental health in adulthood, but the nuances of these outcomes are not well understood. Study published in Journal of Affective Disorders It explores how childhood trauma affects specific aspects of depression and anxiety over time. Childhood trauma has long been associated with increased mental health risks … Read more

Virtual reality applications focus on mental health care, but the effectiveness is not well studied

After his father died of Covid last fall, Duncan Martinez was overwhelmed with grief and turned to an unexpected outlet: virtual reality. The 24-year-old found himself delving into an emerging field of virtual mental health care, via a service called Innerworld, which offers peer-led mental health support through an app. The idea is to bring … Read more

American universities are failing students facing mental health crises

This Thanksgiving, college students across the country are taking a temporary break from classes to celebrate at home with family and friends. However, for students experiencing suicidal thoughts and other serious mental health issues, some may be asked not to return to campus. Colleges across America have it greatly decreased Despite their COVID-19 restrictions, the … Read more