Quantum Breakthrough: Scientists Extend Qubit’s Life

Scientists have shown that they can extend the life of a molecular qubit by changing the surrounding crystal structure to be less symmetric. The asymmetry protects the qubit from noise, enabling it to hold information five times longer than if it existed in a symmetric structure. Credit: MIT/Dan Lorenza stability in asymmetry By breaking the … Read more

Muscular dystrophy: symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

The disease can occur in adulthood or in the perinatal period; In the latter case, it is called congenital and has a more severe course. The organs involved in one way or another are the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the endocrine system, vision, muscles and, of course, the respiratory system. Muscular dystrophy is … Read more

The Minnesota Wildlife Hospital, one of the busiest in the world, plans to expand

Housed in a cramped building in Roseville Park, one of the world’s busiest wildlife hospitals sees nearly 20,000 patients a year, from sleeping cottontails to majestic trumpeting pelicans. After, after 20 years old, I’m out of space. The nonprofit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has purchased 22 acres in Grant City, Washington County, with ambitious plans to … Read more

‘A tangle of indolence’: hundreds of threatened species restoration plans to expire in the next six months | endangered species

Hundreds of plans to restore threatened species will come to fruition in the next six months as the government considers how to fix Australia’s flawed system of environmental protection. documents released To Guardian Australia under freedom of information laws detailing how a lack of resources, disagreement with state governments and a growing list of endangered … Read more

Study attempts to uncover the best land-to-ocean ratio for habitable exoplanets: ScienceAlert

Earth is about 29% land and 71% oceans. How important is this combination for habitability? What does it tell us about the habitability of exoplanets? There are very few places on Earth where life does not have a foothold. Multiple factors contribute to the overall habitability of our planet: abundant liquid water, plate tectonics, mass … Read more

Black holes are stronger than thought – magnetic fields reach deeper into galaxies

Artist’s conception of Cygnus A, surrounded by a ring of dust and debris with jets shooting out from its center. Magnetic fields trapping dust near the supermassive black hole at the galaxy’s core are illustrated. This initial study spurred a larger comparison of radio loudness with polarization and was included in the composite data set. … Read more

A Naxalite Tribesman Now a Geneticist in the US – The New Indian Express

Express News Service Maharashtra: It was no simple journey for this tribal boy from the Naxalite region of Chandrapur in Maharashtra, who once wanted to become an IAS officer, but then went on to become a geneticist in the US. Bhaskar Chintaman Helmi He completed his primary school in his small village in Chandrapur. “It … Read more

‘Left to Trash’: Wildlife officers are investigating the deaths of 8 deer and elk in San Miguel County

Colorado Parks and Wildlife investigators are asking for the public’s help in identifying the people responsible for a series of suspected poaching incidents earlier this month. Eight deer and elk were killed within two and a half weeks and the bodies left behind. Five of the animals were killed within walking distance of the roads, … Read more