Genes associated with autism have been found to shape neural connections

Summary: The Gabrb3 gene associated with autism appears to shape the formation of both normal and atypical neural connections in the brain. source: Cornell University A gene associated with autism spectrum disorders plays an important role in early brain development and may shape the formation of both normal and atypical neural connections in the brain, … Read more

Genetic testing can determine the risk of breast cancer. Why is it difficult to interpret the results?

main sockets Genetic testing can alert providers to variants or mutations that may increase a patient’s risk of developing breast cancer. While research is catching up with genetic testing technology, there are still tens of thousands of “variants of uncertain significance” that have yet to be proven to be disease-causing or benign. Withholding genetic test … Read more

An AI-based model predicts the risk of heart attack or stroke using a single x-ray

Credit: wildpixel/Getty Images Researchers have developed a deep learning tool that predicts a patient’s 10-year risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke using a single X-ray. consequences the study They were presented this week at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). The team’s CXR-CVD risk model was performed … Read more

Genes found to help fruit adapt to drought

Photo: Carmen Catalla and Philippe Nicolas examining tomatoes in the BTI greenhouse. Opinion more Credit: Image credit: Boyce Thompson Institute ITHACA, NY — As climate change is expected to lead to more frequent periods of drought, researchers are increasingly making discoveries that can help plants adapt to prolonged water stress. Researchers from the Boyce Thompson … Read more

Pregnancy is a genetic battleground – how conflicts of interest pit the mother’s and father’s genes against each other

baby shower. Children. Children’s arrival parties. There are many opportunities to celebrate the 40th week of transition into parenthood. These ceremonies often implicitly assume that pregnancy is cooperative and mutually beneficial for both parents and fetus. But this belief obscures an even more interesting fact about pregnancy — mother and fetus may not coexist peacefully … Read more

Childhood acute myeloid leukemia genetic subtypes with poor outcome show increased inflammatory cytokine signaling.

In a recent study published in Nature CommunicationsIn this study, the researchers used RNA-sequencing data to understand the relationship between inflammatory cytokines and poor outcome of pediatric acute myeloid leukemia (pAML). Stady: Characterizing bone marrow inflammatory signals in acute myeloid leukemia in pediatric patients with poor outcome. Image credit: Nemes Laszlo/Shutterstock background Pediatric acute myeloid … Read more

Jessie James Decker credits genetics and “elite” training for giving her kids defined abs

Jessie James Decker credited family genetics and the “elite” physical training of her children with ripped abs Monday after sharing photos of them on social media. The 34-year-old singer posted photos to Instagram over the weekend that showed her eight-year-old daughter Vivian, seven-year-old son Eric Jr, and four-year-old boy Forrest all sporting well-defined abs. I … Read more

Sociability genes have been found in some spiders

1 represent sites experiencing positive selection, and bars at dN/dS < 1 represent sites experiencing purifying selection. The arrows show the direction of change in dN/dS between the nonsocial and social branches, indicating a relaxation of purifying and positive selection associated with the transition to social life. K < 1 indicates relaxation of selection at ... Read more

Will cold weather bring an early rut to Mississippi?

Mississippi has had a series of cooler-than-average days with temperatures dipping below freezing and sunrises revealing a pristine, frozen landscape. For hunters, it couldn’t have come at a better time because it coincided with the Opening of Venice deer season And he has some questioning whether the cooler temperatures and increased deer activity indicate early … Read more