Hundreds of Colorado elk wear GPS collars, hunting cows to control them, while CPW fights to reverse the herd’s decline.

Colorado wildlife managers are galvanizing efforts to reverse elk decline in the southwestern quadrant of the state by controlling hunting and protecting wild habitats, with the goal of increasing calf survival amid severe droughts and development. And the Colorado Parks and Wildlife teams are launching an unprecedented statewide elk-spotting program. They will collect “several hundred” … Read more

Paddler groups are frustrated by the lack of regulation by the state wildlife agency – Tennessee Lookout

Brandon Archer was surfing the Buffalo River with his friends over Labor Day weekend three years ago, when he jumped in for a swim and tragically drowned. Archer became entangled in a trot line, an untwisted fishing line studded with hooks that stretched across the river. The MTSU soccer player passed away a day shy … Read more

Tasmania’s wildlife care system is collapsing due to heavy demand and a shortage of caregivers

Tasmania’s “broken” wildlife care system and lack of carers is behind this suffering From sick, injured or orphaned animals. the main points: The Tasmanian and New South Wales Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) is working to place injured wildlife with caregivers. However, there are not enough caregivers to handle the demand The Tasmanian … Read more

When should a wildlife sighting be reported or encountered? – St. George News

The Utah Department of Wildlife Resources advises the public when to report a wildlife encounter or sighting, location and date unspecified | Image courtesy DWR, St. George News Street. George – Utah’s growing population and associated expansion has increased the number of wildlife encounters across the state in recent years. However, not every encounter or … Read more

Wildlife in Victoria Falls is targeted by bushmeat hunters

Sign up View from Westminster email expert analysis straight to your inbox Get our free Westminster email offer Nukuthaba Dlamini for Newsday in Zimbabwe Conservationists said the increased demand for bushmeat during the COVID-19 lockdowns has wiped out the wild animals that once roamed the streets of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe’s main resort. The Victoria Falls … Read more

Botswana to maximize the economic contribution of wildlife

Sign up View from Westminster email expert analysis straight to your inbox Get our free Westminster email offer By Keletsu Tobega for the Botswana Guardian New research recommends that increased investments in the wildlife economy would go a long way to boosting Botswana’s gross domestic product, improving the quality of livelihoods among people in both … Read more

Wildlife conference issues protections for 500 species

PANAMA CITY — An international wildlife conference has moved to enact some of the most important protections for the species of sharks targeted in the flipper trade and the scores of turtles, lizards and frogs whose numbers are decimated by the pet trade. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and … Read more