Vikings vs.

The Vikings moved to 9-2 on the season after defeating the Patriots in the final game of the NFL’s Thanksgiving triple-header, 33-26. After being kept on field goals in Week 11, these two offenses wasted no time getting into the end zone to start this game. Minnesota needed just eight plays to travel 80 yards … Read more

Packers’ Aaron Rodgers confirms fractured right thumb

Green Bay, Wis. – Aaron Rodgers He never felt the need to go into detail about his right thumb injury for one reason: He would never stop a Green Bay Packers quarterback from playing. That’s why it wasn’t until Wednesday when he finally confirmed — and reluctantly — that it was indeed broken. “It makes … Read more

The final piece to make the boys better at the NFC?

Patrick [No C] Walker joined the Dallas Cowboys Digital Media Group as a writer and media personality in July 2022, having professionally covered the NFL and, more specifically, the Cowboys since 2007. He recently did this for CBS Sports via 247Sports, where he’s also spent time delving into crowd recruiting as well — eventually becoming … Read more

How does the trade of Russell Wilson from the Seahawks compare to that of Herschel Walker from the Cowboys?

From the moment the Seahawks dealt Russell Wilson to Denver in March, comparisons have been drawn to what represents the trade nearly all big trades in NFL history are measured against — the Cowboys deal in 1989 that brought back Herschel Walker to the Vikings for The package, which included four players and eight draft … Read more