Trophy Tracker: Carlson leads the way for Norris as the best defence

To celebrate the quarter-point of the season, is running Part Two of its Trophy Tracker Series. Today, we’re looking at the run for the Norris Trophy, given annually to the best defensive player in the NHL as selected by the Professional Hockey Writers Association. Eric Carlson He has turned back the clock, and this … Read more

Hug him very quickly

Coincidentally or not, the Washington Capitals have been 2-0 down since then TJ O’Shea He returned to the lineup from a lower body injury that kept him out for 11 games. The capital’s new second line, which includes Sonny Milano, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Ochs, has scored two goals from five to five together since then. … Read more

Rod Gilbert’s children, an icon of the Rangers, fight with the stepmother over the will

This family confrontation becomes feisty. The two children of late New York Rangers icon Rod Gilbert are competing against their stepmother in Manhattan surrogate court, alleging that she manipulated the hockey legend on his deathbed into changing his will and disinheriting them. Chantal Payne, 47, and Justine Gilbert, 45, allege that Judith Gilbert, 76, paid … Read more

Analytics with Allison: Mr. Jones and SEA

Martin Jones He was awarded his third star of the week by the NHL. If you read the press release, that credits the goalkeeper’s strong performances in the Kraken’s last two games – both overtime wins. But if you’ve been paying attention, you know Jones deserves credit for so much more than that. He was … Read more

Inside Evander Kane’s Bankruptcy: ‘The Vicious Cycle of Loan After Loan’

In 2017, then-San Jose Sharks straight ahead Evander Kane He owes $140,000 to a gold bettor by the alias “Vinnie,” and $100,000 to a casino, some of the tens of millions of dollars in debt Kane, who filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection early last year, has accumulated over his career. To make payments, etc., … Read more

Why do penguins play so many games on Thanksgiving night?

Thanksgiving is synonymous with many traditions. Football, family and banquet. The night before Thanksgiving has some traditions, too. Mostly, going to establishments and drinking in ways one wouldn’t normally do on a weekday night. Or go to a Pittsburgh Penguins game. Among the Penguins’ first 55 years of existence, they played a Thanksgiving Eve game … Read more

Vitaly Kravtsov’s scratches only hurt the Rangers exchange date

LOS ANGELES – The decision to repeatedly scratch Vitaly Kravtsov, despite the fact that the Russian winger is healthy enough to play, comes down to the Rangers’ overarching issue of continuing to include 23 players on their roster. It’s been more than a month since the Rangers called up AHL’s Julien Gauthier from Hartford to … Read more