How student loan debt, or lack thereof, shapes life

Without student loans, millions of Americans could not afford the degrees that might pave the way to prosperity. However, having student loans can also make it difficult to move forward on this journey. People who leave school without loans may have an easier time buying a home, saving for retirement or starting a business, than … Read more

American football erases the Iranian flag as a sign of protest

DOHA, Qatar – With the United States and Iran gearing up for a dangerous World Cup match here on Tuesday, the U.S. Soccer Federation has taken to social media to issue what it says is a statement of support for the protesters inside Iran: A modified version of the Iranian flag. The federation’s action led … Read more

Investor home purchases drop 30% as prices rise, prices rise, and the housing market slumps

Investor purchases of homes fell 30% in the third quarter, in a sign of the uptick in borrowing rates And the high home prices that have pushed traditional buyers to the sidelines are causing these companies to pull back, too. The companies have purchased about 66,000 homes in the 40 markets tracked by real estate … Read more

The Holiday Books Issue – The Wall Street Journal

The Holiday: Books to Delight Every Reader There is no perfect and more personal gift than a well-chosen book. Across twelve categories, our reviewers compile recommendations to help you make the perfect choice. Read the article The Great Air Race Review: On the Wing and the Prayer At the first intercontinental flight competition, the excitement … Read more

I’m a flight attendant, I’m 61 and I want to retire at 70. I’m going to get a $900 pension a month and I’ll get Social Security, but I only have $150,000 in my 401(k). Should I get professional help?

This hostess is looking for financial help from a counselor, but how should she choose the right person? Getty Images A question: I think I need a financial advisor. I am 61 years old and plan to retire at 70. I am a flight attendant and will have a pension of just over $900 a … Read more

Ethiopia hosts UN online meeting after cutting off Tigray

Geneva – A United Nations body dedicated to promoting broader and better access to the Internet is about to hold its annual meeting in Ethiopiawhose government shut down the internet in the northern region of Tigray during a two-year war there. Critics say Ethiopia stands out as a stark example of the government’s blocking of … Read more

A new study indicates that mice move to a musical rhythm just as humans do

When a good song comes along, people can’t help but move with the music, nodding their heads or tapping their feet in time with the beat. It was previously believed that this ability to perceive and move in sync with strikes is only present in humans and Small group of other species. But mice can … Read more

Regulators are looking to reduce the treasury market’s dependence on major bank dealers

organizers Looking to expand trading In the massive $24 trillion market for US Treasury securities, a potential shift of power away from the small club of big banks that has dominated the market for decades, according to a federal report released Thursday. Regulators have been on high alert about market stability since March 2020, when … Read more

North Korea denies US allegations that it sent artillery shells to Russia

Seoul, South Korea — North Korea has denied US allegations that it is shipping artillery shells and ammunition to Russia for use in its war against it. UkraineThe United States was accused on Tuesday of lying. The refusal comes after dozens of weapons tests by North Korea, including short-range missiles potentially capable of carrying nuclear … Read more

Why booking travel on your phone is a bad idea

By SAM KEMMIS NerdWallet Since the launch of the first iPhone 15 years ago, consumers’ shopping habits have slowly but relentlessly shifted towards mobile devices. According to a survey of 3,250 US consumers from Pymnts.coma website dedicated to analyzing the role of payments in new technology, the majority of purchases of travel services (51.4%) were … Read more