How stay-at-home couples can build credit

Couples share a lot, but regardless of your relationship status, your credit score belongs to you and only you. Even if you get 100% financial support from your spouse or partner, establishing and building your credit score is essential. It can benefit both of you as you navigate financial decisions together. But in the event … Read more

The Social Security record increase for 2023 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

(Justin Pope) Retirees feeling crushed by the highest rate of inflation in decades are taking some relief. The Social Security Administration announced that benefits will be at 8.7%. Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), the highest rise since 1982. In pure dollar terms for the average Social Security recipient, it would be the largest COLA ever. … Read more

Interview with the CEO who created the rewards system for tenants

Smart credit card users already know that there is a whole game to play with how to get the best rewards from them. From free flights to cash-back options, cards can offer a lot of perks that can make your life a little (or a lot) easier. However, one advantage that didn’t exist before was … Read more

Are “goals” in financial planning helpful or harmful?

In an effort to inspire clients and potential clients to get into financial planning, we see an endless stream of commercials featuring exotic golf courses, beaches, sailboats, and marine mammals. Words like “hopes,” “dreams,” and “emotions” are often called out. And for the smaller subset of people in this world who use these terms regularly, … Read more

3 Social Security tips to avoid costly mistakes

(Dan Caplinger) It is important to make the most of your Social Security benefits. The problem, however, is that the program is complex, and it’s easy to miss the benefits that are available or aspects of the program that can kill the benefits. In particular, there are three things that many people don’t realize social … Read more

How to set financial limits for holiday visits

For many, visiting family for the winter holidays is a question of “how” rather than “if.” But this year, higher costs may make travel less expensive, especially when combined with other life changes — such as moving across the country, going to school or getting married. Best way to tame vacation travel costs? Set financial … Read more

I’m a flight attendant, I’m 61 and I want to retire at 70. I’m going to get a $900 pension a month and I’ll get Social Security, but I only have $150,000 in my 401(k). Should I get professional help?

This hostess is looking for financial help from a counselor, but how should she choose the right person? Getty Images A question: I think I need a financial advisor. I am 61 years old and plan to retire at 70. I am a flight attendant and will have a pension of just over $900 a … Read more

Why booking travel on your phone is a bad idea

By SAM KEMMIS NerdWallet Since the launch of the first iPhone 15 years ago, consumers’ shopping habits have slowly but relentlessly shifted towards mobile devices. According to a survey of 3,250 US consumers from Pymnts.coma website dedicated to analyzing the role of payments in new technology, the majority of purchases of travel services (51.4%) were … Read more

These are the $30,000 questions you need to ask yourself if you want to get richer, says personal finance expert Ramit Sethi (and PSST: Pros say he’s got a point)

When it comes to building wealth, entrepreneur Ramit Sethi says it’s important to focus on the bigger picture. Getty Images No, it’s not about the latte – well, at least according to Ramit Sethi, entrepreneur and author of The New York Times Best Seller I will teach you to be rich. He says we shouldn’t … Read more