Kyiv prepares for “the worst winter of our lives”

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – When the power goes out, as it often does, high-rise apartments overlooking Ukraine’s war-torn capital look like a death trap. No lights, no water, and no way to cook. and the risk of not being able to escape from the 21st floor in time in the event of a Russian missile … Read more

Arizona’s passing ball attack faces Utah’s strong defense

Salt Lake City (AFP) – No. 12 Utah is once again a disruptive force in defense. After giving up an average of 529 yards and 42 points in back-to-back games against UCLA and USC, Utah rediscovered its tough identity in last week’s 21-17 win over Washington State. Utes produced four sacks and 10 attempts to … Read more

Biggest Question About 2022-23 Phoenix Suns

The NBA season begins on Tuesday, with the Phoenix Suns advancing on Wednesday’s out-of-season news campaign. Newsworthy is short selling it. It has been dramatic on several fronts, from the basketball side to the ownership controversy, and now Robert Sarver is seeking to sell the team. The essence of The Suns returns from the past … Read more

Forgiveness for Middle School Loan and Debt: What About Me?

This text has been edited for clarity. Hello. I’m Art Kaplan. I direct the Department of Medical Ethics at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine. Many of you know that President Biden created the Loan Forgiveness Program, forgiving up to $10,000 in federal student loans, including graduate and undergraduate education. The Department of Education … Read more

Should you get a degree in lifestyle medicine? yes

Fellow doctors often ask me what the future holds for lifestyle medicine and whether they should pursue a board certification. My short answer to the second question is, “Absolutely yes!” But first I share why I am confident that lifestyle medicine will become the foundation of all health and healthcare and that physicians must prepare … Read more

Monty Williams confirms Cam Johnson will start with the Suns this season

Phoenix – It was somewhat supposed to be the case already But Phoenix Suns coach Monty Williams confirmed after training on Thursday that fourth-year striker Cam Johnson would start. Williams enjoyed Monday’s media day with a “we’ll see” and a smile when asked next, a question that became even more important after Jay Crowder and … Read more