Russian oil sanctions are about to begin. And it can disrupt markets dramatically

European oil sanctions are set to kick in on December 5th. The idea is to reduce Russia’s oil revenues in light of its war in Ukraine. Andrei Rudakov | bloomberg | Getty Images Analysts have warned that the upcoming sanctions on Russian oil will be “really devastating” to energy markets if European countries fail to … Read more

Ukrainian President Zelensky urges European unity. Russian reservists suffered heavy losses

‘We share your pain’: Putin meets mothers of Russian soldiers Russian President Vladimir Putin met on Friday with the mothers of Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine, telling them that he and his country shared their pain. Sitting with the group of women around a table with tea and cake, Putin said he understood that nothing … Read more

Brittney Grenier’s prison conditions speak to the urgency of returning her home

American basketball player Brittney Grenier, who was sentenced to nine years in a Russian penal colony in August, is seen on screen via video link from the remand prison ahead of a court hearing on October 25, 2022. (Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP via Getty Images) participation in Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 per month! … Read more

The GOP is tiptoe split over Biden’s request for more Ukraine aid

Republicans are swirling over a recent request from the Biden administration for billions in aid from Ukraine, as the party faces internal divisions over the path forward for the aid. Last week, the White House asked Congress for more than $37 billion in additional aid to Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion. And while some … Read more

Dangerous weed lobby victories, Brittney Grenier’s shocking plight and other comments

Drug Control: Weed Lobby’s Dangerous Wins “This year’s midterm ballot measures to legalize marijuana across five different states are further evidence of the weed lobby’s progress.” Mark Haskins argues in The Federalist. But “today, many of the arguments made by the pro-marijuana movement have been proven wrong”—such as the claim that it is “no worse … Read more

Poland says a Russian-made missile killed two, and will consider implementing NATO’s Article 4

CNN – Poland summoned the Russian ambassador to the country, after concluding that a Russian-made missile hit its territory on Tuesday and killed two people near the Ukrainian border. Officials said that in the aftermath of the incident, the NATO member will increase the combat readiness of some forces and consider activating Article 4 of … Read more

Iran is looking forward to new export markets for South Pars gas

The risk of a sharp rise in gas prices and supply failures increases as Europe approaches winter without the reassurance of plentiful cheap gas from Russia. These gas supplies may come to a complete halt if the European Union (EU) gives final approval to a cap on gas prices from Russia at its meeting on … Read more

Kherson: Ukrainian forces entered a major city after the withdrawal of Russian forces, and dealt a blow to Putin

Kyiv, Ukraine CNN – Ukrainian forces swept the key Kherson city Friday with the withdrawal of Russian forces to the east, marking a major victory for Kef and represented one of the biggest setbacks for President Vladimir Putin since the start of his invasion. Cheerful civilians, who had survived months of Russian occupation, descended on … Read more

Putin’s special forces continue to humiliate him

It only took a few hours after Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin praised packing As a resounding success on Friday, a torrent of humiliating reports emerged suggesting that the war effort was more successful in turning the country against him than defeating him. Legendary Nazis in Ukraine. Perhaps the startling contrast came with the Russian … Read more

Illegal trade threatens endangered tigers and seize 150 tigers annually | Wildlife News

Poachers continue to target the big cat for its skin and body parts, undermining conservation efforts. According to a new report, global seizures of tigers and tiger parts have averaged 150 big cats annually over the past 23 years, underscoring the pressures facing an animal that is critically endangered in the wild despite ongoing conservation … Read more